Does it burn when you PVP?

I haven’t done much PVP since Wrath came out.

I did go to that first vehicle battleground a couple of times, and occasionally would stand around frozen in place in WinterLAG. But basically I kept away from PVP.

That’s mainly because I don’t have time anymore to grind for honor and resilience gear on top of my raiding needs. It’s hard enough to get the gold needed to cover my repairs, gemming and enchanting.

But I do like PVP.

Back in Burning Crusade, I did pretty good on arenas. My lock was pretty active on 2v2, playing a SL/SL + Disc priest combo. We even got the Rival title on Season 3 (I think). Not THAT impressive, but not bad.

Wang saw some arena action also, on all brackets. But the fun times were in a burn team on 5v5, with me as the solo healer, an elemental shammy and 3 BM hunters. Bloodlust + Bestial Wrath = win.

I did battlegrounds often, and had some ok gear on all my lvl70 toons.

Now… I don’t have a single resilience piece on any of them (actually, I do have some gloves I got from Vault, but it’s not even enchanted/gemmed). That makes it quite hard to live through any kind of burst damage in PVP. And my skills are definitely dorment at the moment.

But this week we all had to PVP (in a way). The Faction Champions were on the Menu of the Week. And that demanded all those skills that were left behind.

A lot of people can say the encounter is way too easy on Normal mode. But for a group with very little experience in PVP, it can be quite a challenge at first. But it can also be a lot of fun.

We only got to try it on 10 man so far, so I don’t know how it works on 25.

We faced some nasty champions. Druid and priest healers. Mage and warlock (with fel puppy). Rogue and Bizarro Wang (enhance shammy). I’m sure there are worst compositions though.

I was originally tanking for this group on my warrior Grisen, and we easily got through the Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus. Then, the PVP wiping began.

I started as prot (for the stuns and interrupts), while Tigerfeet went kitty to try and add some dps. We had one other melee dps (Death Knight), 2 Locks, a Shadow Priest and Pilsner, our boomkin. Healing team was Pally and 2 priests.

We tried to set up some crowd-control rotation, especially to keep the healers under control. They do heal for a whole lot. But we did not have many options… The druids had some tricks, the locks could banish the Tree druid and fear some around. Priests could do some screaming. A couple of stuns and snares, and that’s it.

We tried to micro-manage some CC abilities for several attempts, but we could not pull enough dps to burn a healer, while keeping the other targets under control (especially the other healer), and keeping ourselves alive.

I tried going Arms for Mortal Strike, but my gear is really sub-par, so that wasn’t so helpful. Tiger and Pils asked me to bring Wang, for Bloodlust and the extra dps and interrupts. We tried like that some more, and started getting the first one killed, but diminishing returns on our CC abilities made it all go wrong after that.

We got a tip from our other 10 man group that taunt worked (though the mob would change targets shortly after), so Tiger switched to bear and started to keep the melee busy, just taunting them away from clothies and healers. That strategy seemed to work better. We focused on the priest, while keeping the tree banished/stunned. Forget about CCing the damage-dealers.

But the dps would occasionally tear someone down. The rogue can definitely be a pain, especially after blinding a healer. And that damn warlock does not stop with the hellfiring. And it hurts like hell.

We tried several little tweaks in our strat all night long. Everyone was throwing ideas, and it was pretty fun to see people engaged in trying to get that done. We got close a couple of times, but couldn’t close the deal that first night.

So we had to go in there the next night. I switched back to Grisen, as prot, so me and Tiger could protect our dps and healers with taunts and stuns. We had an ele shammy with us this time, so she was in charge of Bloodlust. We also decided to go with 2 healers, so one of our priests went shadow.

And it worked great. I did not worry about dps, just kept trying to control them. Charges, Intercepts, lots of Taunts, Mocking blows, Concussion blows, Disarms, Shockwave stuns, Shield bash on that annoying mage! It was a blast!

They went down. And I renewed my interest in PVP. I even spent some time on the battlegrounds this weekend. And with the announcement of rated BGs, and the chance to get some gear even when playing casually, maybe I’ll spend some more time in there.

Well, when I’m not leveling my Worgen…


~ by Wangari on August 24, 2009.

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