Fast Finger Action

“If you’re looking for some Fast Finger Action, Wang has just the thing for you!”

No, not that kind of action!

This is supposed to be about your necessary skills as an enhancement shaman, so get your filthy mind outta here.

Anyway, this past tuesday we welcomed Lord Jaraxxus into the Crusader’s Coliseum and I gotta say: it feels good to be enhancement on this fight!

We can play a key part on our raid’s strategy, as long as we can keep up with the fast finger action needed to take care of the job assigned to us.

What kind of action? Lightning speed, multi-fingered, completely focused gameplay!

 “From the same guy who brought you the Wind Blower!”

Here are the details: Lord Jaraxxus has a good amount of abilities. It can take some time to understand all of them, and learn how to counter each one, but once you get it, it’s not a complicated fight. Only the learning process can be a challenge, especially when all you have is one German video and a list of those abilities.

It’s a healing intensive fight for sure, and your healers will need to adjust really quickly to random sources of damage to the raid. Not only damage, some abilities are pretty unique, like Incinerate Flesh. This spell will place a magic effect on a random player which will cause him/her to absorb all healing done to them, and debuffing them with 50% less damage done.

The trick is: the effect will break after 12 seconds and deal a good deal of fire damage to the whole raid over the next 5 seconds. So, to avoid this unnecessary raid wide damage, you need to heal the affected player something like 60k, which will cancel the spell and save you the trouble.

But you won’t actually be doing any healing to the player, because he will be absorbing the heals, so you just gotta spam heal until you see the effect icon go off. Because the target is random, and you all have to stay spread out to avoid the Fel Lightning and Touch of Jaraxxus, you can’t really have healers assigned to dealing exclusively with Incinerate Flesh, because they might not be in range of everyone.

So, your healing team needs to shift focus constantly, keeping the tank and the off-tanks up, while healing the raid and dealing with that nasty spell. They got their hands full, so it’s our job to take care of some other abilities he throws our way.

“Are you looking for a way to deal with all those nasty little abilities?”

First would be the Fel Fireball, a heavy hitter with a dot component that will bring trouble to keeping your tank up. Fortunately, it is interruptable, and there’s no one better suited to deal with that than your fellow enhancement shaman, or the Interrupting Machine!

“The Interrupting Machine is brought to you by the 3.2 patch and WIND SHEAR, your new and improved interrupt. WIND SHEAR, a caster’s worst nightmare!”

No other class have an interrupt as efficient as our new Wind Shear. A spell on a short 6 seconds cooldown. Off the Global Cooldown. And now without the shared cooldown with our other shocks, especially Earth Shock in the case of Enhancement.

Therefore, every 6 seconds, our interrupt is ready to be fired. And Jaraxxus does not cast his Fireball faster than that (and apparently General Vezzax might also not do it anymore). So, a single enhancement shaman can be in charge of the interrupts and lock out that spell out of the picture. Your friendly tank and all healers will appreciate that.

“But WAIT! There’s more!”

Lord Jaraxxus has one other ability that can become a huge ordeal. He occasionally* buffs himself with Nether Power, which increases his magic damage by 20%. That would be only a slight problem, if he didn’t get 10 stacks of it. Yeah, it’s actually a 200% damage buff. And yeah, it hurts!

* I’ve seen this ability related to the summoning of the Mistress of Pain, so it would come up when he opens up a Nether Portal. I could not confirm this, because I could not pay attention to that. But the two could be linked.

Anyway, 200% damage buff is hard to deal with. But Blizzard is not that psychotic… The buff is removable, dispellable, spellstealable or…. yeah, PURGEABLE!

“Here he comes to save the day!”

That’s another job for us! Watch out for the buff icon, and fire away those purges like a mad man! You will take two stacks at a time, so you can’t do it by yourself, at least not fast enough. Other shamans, priests and especially mages should help you out. Spellstealing the buff is awesome, so make sure you let the greedy mages have their fun.

 To sum it all up, here are your assignments for this fight:

1. Interrupt all those Fel Fireballs.

2. Purge the Nether Power stacks when they come up.

3. Watch out – if you’re hit with Legion Flame, make sure to spread out the patches of fire… away from people plz.

4. Keep your totems down (your group might need Fire Resistance).

5. Oh yeah – DPS the boss.


So, if you think that’s easy, let’s review your spell needs:

1. Wind Shear

2. Purge

3. Call of Elements or whatever you set to be on your totem bar.

4. Stormstrike

5. Lava Lash

6. Earth Shock (yeah, interrupting doesn’t hurt your dps no more!)

7. Lightning Bolt (or Chain Lightning if there’s an add on range)

8. Chain Heal or Healing Wave (if things get ugly, be a good hybrid and help out a bit, at least with instant heals from Maelstrom Weapon)

9. Lightning Shield (keep it up, will ya?)

10. Magma Totem (don’t forget to renew it)

Is that enough for you? See why you need some Fast Finger Action? That’s a lot of button pushing and/or mouse clicking!

Wanna know what really made it complicated for me, and made me miss one or two fireballs? They put me in charge of calling out in vent when Nether Power came up, so the other dispellers could do their thing too. Yeah, the push-to-talk key was one too many for me to deal with flawlessly.

Well, all I can say is that it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Got a bit of a headache… but that’s no big deal. When we got him down, on a bad attempt actually (with only 3 people left alive in the end), the guild exploded on vent and it was just incredible.

“So don’t forget! Order your Purging/Interrupting Machine today! And get rid of those annoying bosses!”


~ by Wangari on August 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Fast Finger Action”

  1. Going tonight. let you know how it works out.

  2. I tanked him on 10 man last night and confirmed, the Nether Power buff is not related to the Nether Portal that summons the Mistress of Pain. It comes up pretty randomly, so gotta watch it, no other way… They could include it on DBM or Big Wigs, that would help.

  3. Yeah 2 shotted this guy first time. Felt useful to purge a boss again though and the interrupts helped. Now the pvp boss 3rd boss need to know more about. Don’t pvp much.

  4. Grats!

    Yeah, with some PVP skills, the Champions are a lot easier for sure.
    But you can do ok, at least on normal. The group composition can help also.
    It’s a hectic fight if you’re not used to it. It felt like 5v5 on steroids the first time. But you get used to it, and the NPCs are good, but they’re not players, so it is easier than actual PVP.

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