Reticent Crusader

I don’t like the Argent Tournament.

I still don’t see its purpose in the lore of this expansion, the daily quests are just boring and jousting sucks.

I actually avoided it completely for quite some time, much more interested in Ulduar or leveling an alt. But I feel some kind of obbligation to seeing every kind of content available in the game.

So I decided to push through the daily grinding. I was also in need of some gold, so that was a plus…  it did get me to some financial stability, at least for a while, so that’s ok I guess.

I got Wang and my warrior alt Grisen through the starter quests and the first grind to champion. It took quite a while, cause I don’t have enough time to go through all the dailies every single day, but I did in a couple of weeks or so.

Good thing is that it opened the champion dailies, and I finally saw what that infamous Threat from Above was all about.  The rest of the dailies were a let down though, all replications of the valiant ones. Nothing really interesting…

But the gold was nice, so I kept doing some of them on Grisen – it gave her a purpose, since I wasn’t raiding or doing anything really with her. She went on to become a champion for two more cities, but it was still a bit far from done.

But the whole thing just wasn’t interesting enough. It got boring so fast… And there were no real rewards from pushing through it. Not besides some level 200 gear and some vanity items.

Ok, if you’re into the whole mount or pet collection mayhem, this may keep you busy and interested. But I’m not! I do like certain pets, and some mounts look cool (though I can never get the ones I’d really like), but I don’t need dozens of them, and I’m not spending a whole lot of time going after every one of them.

So, besides the gold, there was no real reason to go after the Crusader title… that is… until 3.2 hit… and now I know I’m again missing some content, through the new dailies only available to the Crusaders! And I must see them, even if only to bash them later on how unnoriginal they are.

Yeah, Blizzard keeps throwing the bait and I keep going for it.

The new dungeon and raid on this patch also appealed to me a bit. I had fun with the Beasts and I’m looking forward to the rest of the encounters. By the way, I love Anubarak and I’m glad we weren’t done with him – though I do think he deserved a spot in Icecrown Citadel, not in some filler raid.

Anyway, I picked it up again with my dailies, but I still don’t like them. And I still don’t like the Tournament. Can we stop this non-sense and go after Arthas already?


~ by Wangari on August 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Reticent Crusader”

  1. I don’t like how they’ve changed the some of the dailies. Before, 1 quest said “kill 10 scourge” and another said “kill 15 scourge”. Now they are specific mobs you have to kill, and you can’t do them at the same time. That pissed me off.

    I haven’t gotten Crusader yet… I did my dailies every single day until I’d picked up the only 2 things I had interest in – the magical broom and the Sen’jin Fetish pets. And then I immediately stopped. Just nothing to motivate me!

    Bring on Arthas!

  2. Yeah, that change pissed me off also. I guess doing those dailies wasnt boring enough for them…

  3. I think the point of the tournament is that they had sent large armies against arthas and they were killed and turned into skeletons which just made it tougher to fight him. So they set up this tournament to see who is the best to send in a elite force to take him out. Its dumb but it does make sense.

  4. I pretty much hated the grind for Crusader, the endless jousting of NPC noobs and the silly killing of Icecrown scourge. I did enjoy questing in the starter zones for reputation, it was fun to kill everything with 1 earth shock. But having to get 125 aspirant seals? Hateful.

  5. OK, so they’re setting up the elite team on Arthas’ backyard and the best he can do is send the Black Knight to try and mess with it.
    If he’s so powerful against armies of warriors, why doesnt he just take a small flight to the tournament grounds and wipe that place already?
    Can he please take care of Varian Wrynn and Saurfang Jr. while he’s doing that? plz.

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