ALT TAB – Abandoned Pets

Kevass is my troll hunter alt. He dinged 80 about a week ago.

I wasn’t really planning on leveling him all the way, as his real usefulness is being my herb provider. So, he stayed at 67 for a while, just flying around on his blue wyvern and picking flowers, to be turned into flasks for Wang.

He also helped Grisen a bit, turning the massive amounts of Saronite she mined into beautiful Titanium bars. Oh yeah, Kevass is a Transmute Specialist… wait! Do those exist still??

Yeah, and he’ll be the king of epic gems once 3.2 arrives.

/jumps with joy!

Anyway, I ended up going through those few levels that were left. Mainly because it’s actually a great way to make some gold. But I didn’t foresee what would happen when I actually got rid of that experience bar.

/queue really sad song.

I had to say goodbye to Locke… the most beautiful pet ever, the one that made me spend 3 whole days in Sholazar Bazin, the one that brought me an incredible happiness when I finally located and tamed him.

I have never ever spent so much time going after a rare spawn, or achievement, or rare drop. Those are usually just for vanity items, and I really do not care about rare pets, mounts or whatever.

But that spirit beast is just something really out of the ordinary. It is the most beautiful creature in the World of Warcraft. And it was worth all the time wasted. (I did get lots of stacks of Adder’s Tongue while there though).

I was actually really lucky. I know some hunters spend a lot more days camping those few spawn points. I could have gotten him in less than an hour though. Right after I started, I found him by the gorillas and started to tame, but a stupid alliance DK dropped on top of him and killed the beautiful animal, before I could grab him. Yeah, I was pissed. But it pushed me to be persistent on my hunt.

He was a great pet. But I had to let him go. It had to be done. No respectable hunter can keep a BM spec for raiding, right? Nooooo… I want to see Locke facing Kelthuzad! This is so not fair. We used to be the best raiding spec! Damn you Ghostcrawler! Fix us!

But I did give in, put Locke in the stables and respecced Marksman, bringing my long time raptor Reptail as I tried to learn how Chimaera Shot works.

It doesn’t feel the same. The playstyle and rotation is ok. But popping all the BM cooldowns while running around with Locke felt so epic, so unique, so powerful. But until they fix the BM spec, I’m gonna have to get used to it, or try a Survival build once I have some more Agility.

But the fact is: abandoned pets need your attention and care. Visit your stables and help taking care of them. They’ll be happy with a few biscuits!

In real life though, go check out the charity drive promoted by Brajana from Mend Pet. Real pets NEED MORE STABLE SLOTS, so go donate to those who are taking care of them, and maybe you’ll win some awesome prizes!

Or check your local shelter and bring a pet home with you.

If only they had spirit beasts…. maybe I could convince my wife. She does love kitties…


~ by Wangari on July 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “ALT TAB – Abandoned Pets”

  1. Beast Mastery can still be viable for raiding! Just ask Pike from Aspect of the Hare! You’re likely to get funny looks, but if you know what you’re doing you can pump out plenty more DPS than someone who went Survival and spams a macro with no idea what’s going on. And Ferocious Inspiration is still very tasty!

    Especially if this is an alt… I would say you should stay the spec you enjoy and have fun! That’s why I’m Marks and not Survival, even if I could probably do more DPS if I was SV.

  2. Yeah, I can deal with the funny looks… I really havent tried the BM spec, so maybe I should, I’ll see if I can try it out if I get into a Naxx run this weekend.
    And yeah Ferocious Inspiration is pretty sweet and since he’s got low lvl gear, it might be more worth it to pump everyone’s dps, then to get a couple more hundred or so…
    I’ll play with it, I can afford a few respecs.

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