We kept our sanity

Yeah, we did.

Unemployed got rid of 10 man Yogg-Saron this last Thursday.

It took us a whole night of attempts (20 total) on Wednesday and 4 more on Thursday to get him, but after we started getting to phase 3, we almost had him a few times before the kill. We actually had more wipes getting used to phase 1 and the moving clouds than on anything else. Ok, phase 2 has a lot going on, but once you learn your job in there, it’s pretty easy to deal with. Ok, that’s with all 4 Keepers helping. I imagine it’s a LOT tougher without them.

My job was the simplest of all. Avoid triggering clouds on phase 1. Punch some tentacles while waiting for the portals, then go in there, kill everything, bloodlust and punch Yogg in the brain. Then punch Yogg some more on phase 3, while turning away from him when he’s got the evil eye on you. After you get used to the mess, it’s pretty simple.

It was awesome to see all those achievements popping on my screen. But it will feel a lot better when we do it on 25 man.

If only we could beat the attendance boss.


~ by Wangari on July 20, 2009.

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