Where have you been? Part 04

I was headed back to Hydraxis.

I would of course keep Wang as my main, because I truly love playing a shaman. There’s something about this class!

But I wanted to avoid being resto – the new enhancement playstyle was just too interesting and fun to be an occasional solo spec. So I did want to find a guild in need of an enhance shammy.

Besides that, I did not want to commit too many nights to raiding anymore, so a more casual guild would be a plus.

Back in Euphoria, we used to raid a bit with some friends. Occasionally, when we were short a couple of people, we would turn to our friend’s list and ask if someone wanted to come along. That happened often on offnights, when we would do Kara or T5 content with alts or new recruits.

One guy used to run with us repeatedly: we knew him as Mistlarouge (a mage) and he was just an awesome player and a great guy. He used to come so often, and we were always glad to have him along, that all of us officers started saying that we needed to recruit this guy and make him join us for good!

So, we tried… and tried… lightly, mostly kidding, not really poaching.

But he never caved in, he was happy in his guild and there was no reason to leave. They weren’t really progressed at the time, sort of like in the mid tier of guilds in BC, so it kind of amazed me, since he really appeared to be raid focused. There must have been something special about this guild.

The guild was Unemployed. I knew them from seeing their members around, but knew nothing really about the guild.

So, when I decided to look for a new home, I immediately remembered them and thought I should go check their website and recruitment status.

I was blown away by their website, the amount of work put into it, into developing the ground rules for the guild, and into making that public, so you knew what you were getting into. As a former officer, I valued the amount of work invested in the guild, because some devotion is certainly necessary to make it successful.

And they were pretty successful in Wrath. I believe they were almost done with Naxx by this point (around January/09), which is not cutting edge performance, but it was on par with server progression. And they only raided 3 times a week (9 hours), which is a lot less then what I was used to see in raiding guilds.

That was good enough for me: caring Guild Leaders, casual raid hours, successful raiding, and I was sure they weren’t terrible people, since Mist liked it there so much.

So I applied, and went into my test run with Brajana in some 5-man heroic. I don’t remember which one, maybe Utgarde Pinnacle, and I’m not sure of the whole group – I think Bell was tanking, and I remember Kou was there… Anyway, apparently I did ok, since I got invited that weekend.

I got into Naxx with them that next week, and we cleared the place. If it wasn’t the first time they downed KT in 25 man, it was kill number 2 or 3. And I got my Calamity’s Grasp pretty soon in there, and all my T7.5 gear, and a bunch of stuff from Malygos, including offspec gear.

I had almost everything I needed from the available loot as we started our Sartharion Hard Mode attempts. 1 drake was easy. 2 drakes was a challenge, but we nailed it pretty quickly and one-shotted it from that moment on. 3 drakes… well, a lot of nights were spent wiping on him… it was frustrating, but it was fun. That fight is pretty amazing. Very well tuned.

We pushed as hard as we could, but he remained undefeated when Ulduar went live. It’s the one thing I wish we could have accomplished, but only a handful of guilds actually did it on Hydraxis, so it certainly wasn’t a big failure.

So we moved on. Into Ulduar. And it has been great in there. I’ve been enjoying raiding a lot lately. Doing my absolute best.

Dual spec was awesome and I’m often asked to heal, which is great because it keeps me from getting bored.

I’ve been having fun. And now I know what exactly is so great about Unemployed. I’ll try talking about it some other time.


~ by Wangari on July 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Where have you been? Part 04”

  1. You know, Wang… I had forgotten when you joined the guild. I honestly thought you’d been here since at least the release of Wrath! 😛 Guess that means you integrated pretty well. Interesting to hear how you got where you are now though!

  2. I know! I was thinking the same thing. Once you related the story I remembered your first time with us in Naxx, how you were the ‘new guy’. Now you’re just another piece of furniture, gathering dust with all us old chairs 🙂

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