Where have you been? Part 03

So, Wang was retired. Well, kinda…

I did take a break from Hydraxis, but not from Wow.

I actually rerolled as Alliance (What?!).

Wang was reborn a druid, a Night Elf Boomkin!

Wangari (the druid) was actually created a couple of months before the Euphoria breakdown. I’ve wanted to get an alliance alt for some time. First, because my brother has always played alliance and I wanted a character I could join him with (if I ever needed to). Second, because I wanted to experience the game, the quest lines, the zones and all that through the eyes of the Alliance.

He started in a medium realm, but I always wanted to get him in a high populated and progressed server, so I’d have no trouble finding pugs or groups at max level. I had already thought about Medivh when I found a great blog about guild leadership: Chick GM. I loved what Auz had to say about leading a guild, and discovered her guild was in fact in Medivh!

So I got in touch with her and she was great. We talked a bit and then I had a brief interview with her recruiter. I was accepted, so I transfered Wang2 and got into The Dauntless.

By this time, Wang2 was in his early 60s – so I rushed to 70 before Lich King arrived. I was able to get a few Kara runs, and got carried through Black Temple a couple weeks as resto, just hotting everything on sight. Got a bunch of gear no one wanted, and got to know the guild.

Not Auz though, because she quit playing right as I joined the guild, due to some personal medical issues. The rest of the guys were great raiders, hardcore people, the guild was on the top of progression – but she was the reason I joined. Didn’t feel so great without her.

When Wrath went live, I went back to Hydraxis to level original Wang, until the Euphoria drama, which is when I came back to Wang2. But not to the guild, because I had been kicked out due to inactivity. But that was ok, I leveled through Northrend and reapplied when I hit 80.

Got accepted again, was brought into a couple of Naxx and OS runs, but in two weeks I got kicked by the DPS officer – my boomkin didnt have enough Boom! in him.

I really think it was a matter of gear at that time, cause I was still running with T6 gear and a couple of upgraded pieces I got along the way, but it was definitely terrible gear next to their full 7.5 raiders. Ok, I was also still getting used to the boomkin rotation, but that wasn’t giving me much trouble.

I thought about hanging on and finding a new guild, or transfering to my brother’s realm, but I started to miss Hydraxis. I already knew everyone there, the good players, the bad ones, the noobs, the guilds… it just feels more friendly than in a brand new realm.

So, I decided to come back… but I didn’t want to go back to Euphoria, who had been surviving and recruiting, but just wasn’t the same anymore. So I looked around, trying to find a guild I might fit in…

And I’ll talk about that search and Unemployed next…


~ by Wangari on July 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Where have you been? Part 03”

  1. Oh that T6 race was amazing….
    i just fell on your site…cheers on the good old time

  2. Sup Knossos!
    How have u been?

  3. Good, i’m moving in 2 days from canada to a small island east of australia. I’ve been so much busy since march. I saw Euphoria splited only a week after. Didn’t had time to give and have news from people. How you guys are doing. Still raiding? You could create a blog where old and new members could exchange.

  4. Wow, that sounds like dreamland! Australia seems like an awesome place, so I bet you’ll have a great time.
    Yeah, Euphoria was disbanded and people are scattered now. I was able to get a few of them to join me in Unemployed, like Aharass, Basylenash and Lasthighelf. I still see some other around, in raiding guilds also, but some are more casual now.
    We’ve been raiding through Ulduar, but as grunts now! lol

    Anyway, former Euphoria members are always welcome to come here and meet up – if anyone is actually into the whole blogging thing. Just leave a comment and we’ll be in touch!

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