Where have you been? Part 02

So, Sanity was in the past. And we were uncertain of where to go next.

Aharass, a hunter who I’ve known since Conquest,  then suggested we start our own guild and he founded Euphoria, and I was made officer right after that.

At first, I had to go back to my tank warrior, cause we needed a Main Tank for our runs. Soon after though, we got some new recruits, including great tanks, so I went back to chain-healing for good and we started our progression as a guild.

Euphoria was my home. Really. I was deeply passionate about that guild. The officers were all great and we really managed to get the guild going, even through some rough times with bad attendance and all. I really think we did a great job.

A couple of guilds merged into Euphoria along the way, and we were always making sure they didnt have the same problems we had in our merging experience. Adopting Loot Council helped a lot with that, since no one had to catch up on their dkp. We also always had one or more of them join our officer crew, and the loot council, so they knew someone was taking care of their interests.

And it worked – a lot of them embraced Euphoria, some became officers, raid leaders, and good friends.

Raiding went amazingly well also. We moved into T5 succesfully, and got most of it done before the attunements to get into Tier 6 were dropped. Like many guilds, we head into Mount Hyjal then – yeah, without even attempting to get Lady Vashj and Kael.

We never actually went back to them, which sucks cause those are great challenging fights. But we progressed so well through T6, and the expansion was coming by the end of the year, so we just thought it was a waste to spend most of our raid week wiping to learn those fights.

I regret not experiencing that part of the content, but it was the best move for us. There was a lot to be done still, and not enough time. It was a challenge alone to fit 3 bosses in the Eye, 5 in SSC and all that trash in one raid week – while working our way through Mount Hyjal and Black Temple.

We managed to down the first 4 bosses in MH and the first 3 in BT before 3.0 hit and nerfed the rest of it. That allowed us to at least see the rest of Black Temple, and we killed Illidan before Wrath. We had a lot of fun with Archimonde too, but never actually downed him.

Sunwell? I missed it all, except the trash farming for epics, and a couple of attempts at nerfed Kalecgos. Never got to see the rest of it, and I hope never to miss that much content again.

And what about Euphoria? We were having some trouble. A really hard time recruiting, attendance issues that led to raids not happening. In general, people were just burned out and anxious for Wrath I guess.

Wotlk arrived and the leveling began. I went enhance, and many of our healers did too, so getting dungeon runs was rough. I quested like crazy, but didnt rush it, I wanted to enjoy the expansion. I really love the Wrath quest lines, the lore, the design – I was happy in Northrend.

But I had a lot of free time, so I did get to 80 pretty quickly. But not many of us did. So, the few fast levelers we had started touring the heroics and even managed to get into some 10 mans and joint 25s with another guild.

But we were collapsing. Some members were kinda tired of each other, some wanted different things, some personal drama blew up, some Real Life issues stepped in, some officers (like me) just didnt have the time anymore to be around as much. It was all falling apart.

And it did – pretty bluntly in my opinion – when a large group of people just arranged to defect and join another guild, including our Raid Leader. That was it for me. I had almost no playing time at that point. Could not handle the drama, could not deal with recruiting and rebuilding the guild, could not join the ones who left cause I just didn’t like how it was all done in the shades. I was burned out. Completely.

So Wang was retired.


~ by Wangari on July 3, 2009.

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