Where have you been? Part 01

Wang was created around March, 2007.

He was an alt.

My main was my warrior, who was in her early 60s, just into the brand new Outland. Leveling was a pain though, with the crowded starter zones of the expansion, and I was just tired of that character who I leveled like a mad man to 60 just before Burning Crusade hit.

So I rolled 2 alts – a warlock and Wang! And started playing them, just them (my warrior was forgotten), alternating between the two as the rested buff allowed. They walked side by side until the mid 50s. That’s when I decided to get back to my warrior and push to 70, so I could catch up with my guildies, who were already burning Karazhan to the ground.

About that guild – Conquest – I joined them on day 3 of the server (yes, I remember the day). Was my first guild ever. I was just getting into the whole MMO culture thing. They were pretty cool, and they were good. We had the first level 70 on the server – and the second one only showed up after quite a while – so it was nice when he flew around Hellfire Peninsula, showing off his flyer to his guildies – and awing the rest of the players.

When others caught up, they broke into Kara very early on and actually got some server firsts. They were head to head with Kalimdor’s Legion, who’s been the #1 horde guild until this day in terms of progression. I missed all that. But I wanted to raid, so I got back to my warrior and left Wang on the bench for a while.

I liked playing different characters though, it’s great to get away from the same playing style and it’s a chance to try out new leveling paths. I never level the same way, always hitting the zones in a different order, picking up quests I skipped on the other alt, just to get to know everything really.

So I kept playing my warlock, who hit 70 a couple of months later. Only then I went back to poor Wang, and he finally hit 70 around October/07.

By then, my warrior and warlock were filled with T4 gear, and I’ve been hardcore raiding as a tank, using off-night runs to dot my way through Kara. Conquest was done, but a lot of us merged into Conspiracy, and it was a great guild – I still have some friends from those days.

Conspiracy broke down just as Wang started his raiding journey. As Resto I might add, which he ended up being for all of BC. Healers were hard to find, and it really got me the opportunities to get my raid spot secured – especially as we merged into a new guild called Sanity.

The merge didn’t work so well, we all felt like outsiders, we were at the bottom of the dkp system, and the officers there were having problems of their own, as their members did not like the merge at all, because there was more competition around maybe. It was just a bad match – so we broke apart in a few weeks, around Christmas time.

To be continued…


~ by Wangari on July 3, 2009.

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