Don’t think too much, Wang!

I’ve been reading Wow blogs since I started playing, right before BC came out.

It was a great way to learn more about the game, the classes, the strats, and some blogs were just an awesome read.

You can definitely tell apart those that are just enthusiastic about the game, and those that are actually good writers above all.

I’ve always been a reluctant writer…

A lot of people said my writing was great, my school essays always got me good grades, my papers on college were original and got me close to several professors I really praised, my reports at work are far from boring… but I never really worked on my personal material.

The closest I got was when I was in Film School – I wrote some short screenplays, two of which were produced, and one who actually went to film festivals around the world and even got an award! I also drafted some feature-length scripts, but never finished them. And when real file needs pulled me apart from the film business, my writing was just forgotten.

Writing was never EASY for me. It was always a bit of a fight. Lots of ideas, even some really developed ideas, but the hardest time to actually put it down on paper or pixels. All this because I’m usually too tough on myself, too perfectionist, and my worst critic.

So I just avoided writing…

But reading all these blogs always made me itchy.

Recently I joined this guild who actually had a few bloggers (and good ones!) and that was the final push.

I need to get back to writing! And what’s better than writing about this game, who actually becomes much more than just a game to all of us.

But I’m gonna avoid overthinking things and overworking on the posts as much as I can.

This doesnt mean the writing is gonna suck – I hope!

But enough of therapy!


~ by Wangari on June 19, 2009.

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